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Yushida believes it is beneficial to identify the types of job groups.

KUALA LUMPUR: The digital workplace has become a central part of the work experience in many organisations.

With the working world constantly changing and flexible work arrangements being adopted by organisations, four speakers will be sharing their insights in the upcoming The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) Lab webinar entitled “Future of Work: Reinventing the Digital Workspace”.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) can tune into the webinar conducted in Bahasa Malaysia on Thursday, at 3pm, by registering at or scanning the QR code here.

The speakers will be Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) information technology section director Jamaluddin Abdullah, Credit Guarantee Corp Malaysia Bhd (CGC) chief technology and operations officer Yushida Husin, PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Jason Cheah and RHB Bank Bhd SME Digital Banking squad lead Zilhazran Md Hamzah.

This discussion will be moderated by Talent Corp Malaysia Bhd (TalentCorp) vice-president of group research, development and policy Mahuran Saro Sariki.

Jamaluddin said: “It is feasible to transition to a digital workspace with sufficient capital and human resources.

The panellists will be explaining the feasibility for most companies to transition to digital workspace given the existing resources available post Covid-19 pandemic.




Jamaluddin said: “It is feasible to transition to a digital workspace with sufficient capital and human resources.

“Companies should take this opportunity to leverage facilities and support by the government and financial institutions to expedite their digitalisation adoption.“

Yushida said that “it is beneficial to identify the types of job groups and functions, work out the best arrangements to suit the groups, while giving line managers specific flexibility to decide on work arrangements.”

Cheah added: “If the company puts (digital workspace) as a priority task, they will work on a solution to implement it.

“Implementing that does not need all (your) resources to work on it.”

Zilhazran said employees would be more productive and understand that management trusts them to perform their job responsibilities well outside the office.

“Consider how a digital workspace can be used to strengthen the company’s employees’ experience and this will, in turn improve customer service.”

He added that employees are able to work together seamlessly, regardless of location and feel connected despite not seeing each other in the office.

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