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,Some airlines put their aircraft on long-term parking during the pandemic and are bringing them back now, says the Malaysia Aviation Group CEO. – EPA pic, June 14, 2022.

THE Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) has yet to make a decision on its Airbus A380-800s, which are still up for sale, said group CEO Izham I *** ail today.

“We are in conversations with potential buyers. There are inquiries and that remains confidential.”

MAG, the parent of national carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS), issued a tender notice for interested parties to acquire its A380 superjumbos and/or their components on July 12 last year. This follows its decision to do away with its A380 fleet, following the completion of a restructuring exercise in March.

Izham said all six superjumbos are currently grounded.

On the manpower shortage in the aviation industry, Izham said it affects airlines that want to increase their capacity.

Some international airports are facing a resources shortage and airlines cannot catch up with capacity even if they have the aircraft, he added.

“Some airlines have put their aircraft on long-term parking (during the pandemic) and only bringing them back now.

“It takes 30-90 days to bring an aircraft to service. These are challenges faced by airlines.

“MAS is fortunate to have made the move to not retrench its people during the pandemic. It only reduced senior executive salaries to support lower incomes.

“We knew how bad (the situation was) and we need them when the pandemic is over.

“We did not let anybody go. We have pilots… we have everything.”

Izham said the group “is communicating with airport operator Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd”.

MAG also made a “cautious decision to not put its aircraft on long-term parking”, he added.

He said MAS aims for 76% capacity by year-end.

“We are looking at 50% (capacity) now. MAS’ passenger flow is 30% better than forecast.” – Bernama, June 14, 2022.

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